Monday, May 2, 2011

Watch for flying objects

 My friend Andrew nearly misses a trip to the ER.

Season 's beginning

     As I prepare for another guide season I can't remember seeing a snowflake in May. This years weather has obviously  slowed our "normal" progresion of water temps and fishing in general but the smallmouth bass have already made there seasonal movements back to there summer homes we will just have to put some time on the water figuring out what where going to do with these low water temps, and how fish are going to react. Hopefully the sun will show it's self soon and we can get to back to normal, and with this weeks weather report it looks like things might swing our way for once this season.

     My fishing season started a little earlyer this year I was lucky enough to find some hungry Pike on the lower Red Cedar in February, and my season took off from there. I hope youe enjoy the fish porn, there will
 will be more to come.

Cory and Hunter and hounds

The time of the year is coming my friends. The time that I and a handfull of good friends weight all winter for......Spring. Yes! time to feel your fingers while your fishing, time worry about if you have enough ice in your cooler to keep you PBRs cold. The midwest is not known for it's fly fishing guideing industry, surprisingly though because there on not many places with the species diversity of good old Wisco.  So get out there, rip some streamers, float some dries, and dredge some nymphs across your favorite pool, and give that big beautiful trout, walleye, pike, musky, carp, catfish, bass, steelhead a big sloppy kiss for me.   Lets see those fish kiss pics!  They have to be from this season but send them to me and tongue.